Bükkfa'73 Ltd. is a company which has been actively operating since 2002. It has grown out of a Father and son enterprise and has become two separate companies. Bükkfa’73 Ltd. specializes in manufacturing custom furniture, while the other company, Éffer Ltd. specializes in manufacturing doors and windows, as well as professional-quality surface treatment. We are a profitable company for 13 years now, which is rare in today's market.

We are primarily engaged in producing first grade custom furniture. Our target group and satisfied clients are mostly from the upper-middle class. Most of our work is obtained through recommendation, which is the best feedback, for us to know, that people like what we do and how we do and they give our phone numbers to others with great confidence. Our main principle is, that nothing is impossible, there is no such thing as NO! We always try to find a solution for everything. We don’t try to find excuses, for why something can’t be done, we try to find answers for how it can be done. The second and perhaps the most important thing, is that we are always punctual. Neither we are late for a meeting nor we delay deadlines.

"Small company with big plans. 3 words are our company's motto: Precise, Accurate, Reliable and the 4th is:  Nothing is impossible."

We are always reachable by phone, we do not change our phone numbers. We work with reliable subcontractors, whose work reaches the same high quality as ours. This way we can undertake bigger projects as well. For example the 83 rooms of  Székesfehérvár Hungarian Royal Hotels. The best reference of our work and the standards we represent is our own house, which we can show you with pleasure at any time. The quality of the furniture and their construction can be examined there.

Not the cheapest offer will be given to those who choose us, but they will certainly be satisfied with the outcome.